Normal Pistachio Kernel

Normal Pistachio Kernel
Origin: Iran
Available in: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26

Green kernel Pistachio: This kind is used to add flavor and/or green coloring to ice cream, cookies and other cuisine. 

The usual pistachio kernels are used to salty and prepare products such as slices and powders and sweets.
The pistachio Kernel is the first and the main product of pistachio . The name of the pistachio kernel is based on the type of the basic pistachios (Kallah Qouchi, Fandogi, Ahmad Ahaghi and Akbari). Iran's pistachio kernel is more delicious than the pistachios of other producing countries, due to that type of climate in Iran.
Of course, the pistachio kernel also has divisions in terms of appearance, including complete pistachios, gandomi pistachios and ….
Among the various types of kernels, fandoghi Pistachio kernels are more populer due to a more affordable price and more beautiful appearance, as well as the largest volume of exports.

Pistachio kernel types
There is another division, which is (Gppk Green Pistachio S, Gppk Green Pistachio A, Gppk Green Pistachio B, Gppk Green Pistachio C, Gppk Green Pistachio D)

Gppk Green Pistachio S (super): This type of kernel is one of the best and most kind of kernel, this type of kernel is arranged when pistachios are not yet clustered. This kind of kernel is small and green, and usually the price of pistachio kernel is higher than other types.

Gppk Green Pistachio A (Green kernel): This type of brain is arranged like the calf kernel that has not yet ready , with the difference that the later and longer time is made up of pistachio calories, which is heavier and cheaper. 


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