Kalleh Qouchi Pistachio

Kalleh Qouchi Pistachio, Iran Pistachio
Origin: Iran

Jumbo Pistachio (Kale ghuchi Pistachio): Iran is the best and main grower of Kalle Ghouchi pistachio.  Available sizes: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26

Kale ghuchi Pistachio is similar to Fandoghi pistachio and, in terms of its production volume in Iran ranked second after Fandoghi pistachio. Kale ghuchi pistachios are sold in different forms on domestic and foreign markets.
It should be noted that the most important factor for the development of sales of this type of pistachio is the hazelnut shape and its small size.
Kale ghuchi Pistachio (Jumbo Pistachio)
The Nouqh region of Rafsanjan is the top spot for the most popular types of pistachios in Iran and even in the world, due to its high quality and pistachio quality.

Since the pistachio blossom is early (early April), the risk of frostbite usually threatens this kind of pistachio. (Jumbo Pistachio) show a high sensitivity to (dehydration, lack of mineral in the soil, heat, drops and insects).

Kale ghuchi Pistachio Export
As the kernels of this type of pistachio are bigger other types of pistachios, merchants of the countries like Germany, Greece and Arabs are interested in this product.

Germany is one of the main buyer of Kalleh Qouchi Pistachio, which often sells this product to other European markets after purchase.

Specification of Kale ghuchi Pistachio fruit
The tip of the fruit has a very short green skin and the color of the skin when it comes to the red fruits of gray. The position of the skeletal skin on both the back and the abdominal side is equal. The reddish color of the red kernel is gray and the skin of the bony skin is moderate in darkness.

Dry weight of pistachio raisin is 17.1 g (high) and dry pistachio length 13.20 mm (high) Pistachio bread is 84.12 mm (high) and pistachio powder is spherical.

Specification of Kale ghuchi Pistachio tree
This type of pistachio has a medium ability. The length of the tree in this pistachio average is 5.5.  This pistachio is one of the most important commercial cultivars, and after the second is the second most important cultivar.

The diameter of this tree is thicker than other trees.
Harvest season
The onset of fast embryo growth is 1 August and the time of fruits is 15 September (medium clay)

Blossom  begin to grow at  April 10 (early flowering) the whole flower stage is April 16 and the flowering period is 13 days. The leaf length is 2.1 mm (average) and the width of the leaf is 7.1 mm (low).

The color of the leaf is darker than the oval. The fruit spike length is 4.1 cm (low) and the cluster width is 2.1 centimeters (moderate).


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