fandoghi pistachio

fandoghi pistachio, Round Pistachio , Iran Pistachio
Origin: Iran
Available in: 26-28, 28-30, 30-32

These are the primary product for export.
Available in sizes 26-28, 28-30, 30-32


more than other pistachios (high anise), and is therefore more economical nuts.
This pistachio has the highest consumption of pistachios in the country as well as the largest volume of exports. Pistachio fandoghi covers about 60% of the gardens of Kerman province.

Fandoghi pistachio’s kernel (nutmeat) is more popular than other types of Pistachio kernel, because it is very appealing and also very delicious.

On the other hand, the affordable price of this product will make the market more competitive. It is used for making of various sweets, such as Muscat and Gaz, because in addition to the taste and quality of sweetness, it is suitable for design on the sweets.

The largest production areas of this product are Kerman and in the cities of Rafsanjan, Zarand, Kerman and Sirjan, as well as Khorasan province (Faizabad and Mahvolat).

Fandoghi Pistachio Export
Exports of this type of pistachio are divided into two types.
1 Natural Smile: Countries like Australia, France, Germany  are in the category of quality-oriented countries, and therefore choose natural Fandoghi pistachio to import into their own country.
2 Abkhandan: Countries like Russia and China, for different reasons, prefer to trade Abkhandan types.

Characteristics of Fandoghi Pistachio Fruit
The tip of the green fruit is very short, its skin is green and at the time of the arrival of the dark purple and red fruits. The length of the dry pistachio is 24.1 mm (low). The width of the dry pistachio is 73.1 mm (average). The diameter of the pistachio is 66 mm (high), with a diameter and width equal to Is.
The position of the skeletal bone on both the back and the abdominal side has been measured, and the gap is visible on the green skin. The reddish color of the purple kernel and the skin of the bony skin cream.

 Fandoghi Pistachio Fruit
The onset of rapid embryo growth is 25 June and the time of its arrival is 12 September


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