Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio, Iran pistachio
Origin: Iran
Available in: 24-26, 26-28, 28-30

Long Pistachio Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio)  . The shell color is whiter that other types. Available sizes: 24-26, 26-28, 28-30

Ahmad Aghaei  Pistachio shape and appearance  is longer and bigger than fandoghi pistachios (lower anus), and it has white skin.
Usually, the best type of Ahmad   pistachio is picked up in Rafsanjan area.
Due to the quality of the pistachio graft, the abundance of this breed is expanding. This pistachio is similar to the pistachio of Akbari in the long stretch of pistachios. The poles of this kind of pistachio are in the area of Novak in Rafsanjan.
This kind of pistachio is similar to Akbari pistachio , Both are long  pistachios. The poles of this kind of pistachio are in the area of Novak in Rafsanjan.
Ahmad Aghaei  Pistachio is very delicious  and crispy.

Pistachio Export Ahmad Aghaei
The export market for this type of pistachio is more common than other pistachios, and since it is a smiley luxury pistachio, it is exported to many countries, especially India, the Netherlands and Spain.

It should be noted that the UAE is one of the intermediate countries of this type of pistachio, so that Emirati businessmen buy pistachio Ahmad Aghaei  and then send it to European countries.

Attributes of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Fruit
The tip of the skin is green and the skin is green, and when it is ready becomes bright red fruit.

Dry pistachio weight 22.1 g (high) and dry pistachio length 48.2 mm (high) and dry pistachio bread size 62.12 mm (high). The position of the split of eating bony skin is equal even in the back and abdomen, and the pistachio shape is rectangular.

The color of the background is light green and the fruit juice starts from the tip. Bone color is very bright.

Attributes Ahmad Aghaei pistachio tree 
This type of pistachio  has a moderate growth potential and a widespread habit of growth. The height of the tree is 3 m (average height) and the width of the tree is 4 m (wide width).

Harvest season of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio 
The onset of the onset of the rapid growth of the embryo is on July 5th (early) and the time of arrival of its fruits is 10th of September (early)


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